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My art work is as dear to me as food, breath, and my other profession, Psychotherapy. It is part of a creative, integrated whole. It is what I turn to for centering. My studio comes with me where ever I go. I always have a piece I am carving or polishing. When a piece is approaching completion, I get nervous until inspiration for the next piece appears.

I usually sketch first on small 2mm graph note books. I have stashed a good supply away since they appear to have disappeared from the market place. Other times I pick up a piece of material and just begin to carve it.

Filing is an integral part of the caving process. Knives and files litter my work space. Polishing is done with diamond papers. I use 9-12 grades of sanding paper on each piece going from 125 microns to 1 micron. Each piece takes me 3-5 weeks work (some pieces take considerable longer). My waxes are then cast by a high-end local casting company utilized by many of the best in the business.

My works are available in solid: bronze, silver and gold. My other work is one of a kind pieces and will never be repeated.









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